Benefits of bags with airtight seal

Bags with airtight seal to keep the freshness of your products as if they were freshly packed. The bags with hermetic closure are a novel and important invention, a novel product that was born around 50 years ago. These airtight bags are used for the packaging of all kinds of products, from products of the food industry, cosmetics, beauty and health, medicines, supplements, etc.
The ถุงซิปล็อค have the great advantage that they can be resealed not only once or twice, but much more than that, the best thing is that there is no limit to the use of the resalable zipper, since it does not wear out and does not fault. Airtight bags can be used as food bags, which mean that these airtight bags can be used for food packaging, since they have high protective barriers that block the entry of oxygen, light or moisture into the bag. , keeping your products as fresh as always.

Bags with hermetic closure ready to be dispatched.

Due to the extensive market that we manage, we maintain a stock of products, ready to
be dispatched once you place your order. The bags with closure are sent to the place you want through transportation companies.

The benefits of using airtight bags or airtight bags.

Zippered bags, whether or not with personalized printing, are a wonderful way to maintain the safety of your products. Protection is important because as we all know there are certain products that are sensitive to liquids, or moisture.
So in this case you should keep these products in food bags and zippered bags that prevent your product from being affected and damaged by these factors.

  • Airtight bags are an easy and inexpensive way to keep your buttons, nuts, screws and other small secure items inside a heavy-duty bag.
    ● A very important advantage of hermetic bags, they are also a tool through which the environment is taken care of, because it is possible to reuse it can save not only money but also plastic for the manufacture of more bag, but you that You have purchased our bags with closure you can reuse them without having to invest in new bags.


Many times the price does not depend only on the quality of the product itself, but also on the design, the brand and where it was made. That it is exclusive is also a value. In general, and depending on the size, from € 100 or € 200 you can find good quality articles that meet expectations.

All advantages

Paper bags are designed to carry more weight than plastic bags. They also support moisture better and this is noticeable in the preservation of bread. At the end of the day, the bread is kept in better condition than if it were kept in a plastic bag, because it allows it to breathe better.

Due to its characteristics and design, paper bags provide a better aesthetic that benefits the company’s brand. They are more elegant and the most used colours (brown and white), are very socially related to bread.