How are the objectives of a real estate company

February 7, 2020 by No Comments

Setting some goals seems an elementary rule when you want to achieve something, if I want to reach a goal, the same goal will be the goal, right? But the truth is that, for the objectives of a real estate company to be an incentive, they must contain a series of qualities. Otherwise, with too general or ambiguous objectives, we will lose interest in the goal.

One of the ways to mark the objectives that encourage us and help us achieve what we want is to use the Ichs Town Islamabad method . Coming from its acronym in English, the acronym SMART (smart) is a simple rule to know if those marked objectives are on track.

The objectives of a real estate company

1.  Specific S (Specific):

One of the big failures when setting goals is to be too diffuse. “Becoming the best agency” is one of the goals of a real estate company like the top of the line Sky Marketing company in real estate Pakistan, but to be stimulating and realistic, we must specify a little more. For example, it is possible to break down the general objective of a real estate company into specific objectives. “Achieving a 20% increase in the file of potential customers in 6 months” would be an objective that would fit as specific according to the SMART method.

2.  M of Measurable:

What is the purpose of a real estate objective that we cannot measure? If we want to know if the effort has been worthwhile and we have reached our goal, it is necessary to be able to measure the result.
Following the previous example, we should be able to measure the increase in the file, which of these potential customers become consumers, the acquisition price of new customers, the cost of real estate marketing, the cost of maintaining the  web page for real estate we have , etc…

3.  Achiable A (Achievable):

It is of little use to set impossible goals. “Being the best real estate agent” may be a desirable goal, but if we do not have the necessary training, nor are we in the right market, it is still a chimera.
In the real estate business of sales it is common to see people with great confidence in themselves, able to put a face to the worst of situations, however, being realistic is a necessary virtue to set goals. The opposite would be imprudent.

4.  Result-Oriented R (Results Oriented):

This is, perhaps, the most difficult feature to apply. The objectives of a results-oriented real estate agency are those that expect a fruit. Following the example we have commented, “Breaking the sales record in my area in the next 6 months” would be an objective with the appropriate orientation.

5.  Time-Limited T (Time Limit):

Finally, as you may have guessed, applying a temporary criterion for the completion of the task, and therefore, the achievement of the objective of a real estate agency, is another SMART criteria. Just remind you that the time frame you determine should be realistic, or else it will only serve to discard the objectives as soon as you feel they do not fit your reality. Getting both you and your collaborators to mark SMART objectives guarantees that all Commit to the results, whether business or personal.