Trucos de Fable III para Xbox 360

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Complete the following task to unlock the Avatar rewards.

Raven: Become the King of Albion …
Royal Boots: Gain the support of the Dwellers.
Royal Shirt: Earn the support of the Bowerstones.
Royal Texans: Earn the support of the noita map Brigade.


Once you have become the King of Albion, enter the treasure chamber in the Sanctuary, and locate the golden key. To get it, you must have 5 million gold. The golden chest is below the golden mountain. To obtain it, you must transfer all your savings to the Albion treasury. Once you have the chest and the key you can obtain the Legendary Qnnit .


Achievement Description Gamerscore
Albion Ruler You have led a revolution and now the throne is yours. How will your government judge history? 80
By Albion! You have killed the Lurker and put an end to the greatest threat in Albion’s history. You are a legend. 80
The resistance The people of Bowerstone back you up, ready to rise up against your brother. fifty
Super Hero You are the ultimate heroic being. You master all disciplines. Come on, you’re awesome. fifty
You can’t with me You made it to the end without getting knocked down. Well, that time in the desert … fifty
Brick tycoon You have amassed a fortune in real estate. Fortunately, there is no cadastral tax. fifty
Chestmaster You have revealed every bit of heroic knowledge. The road to reign has been well traveled. 40
Release them! What does freedom mean to a talking stone slab? Freedom of expression, presumably 40
All keys are mine Your dedication to the art of getting keys is commendable. You are not just any “find keys”. 30
Floral power You have collected all the desert flowers and restored Aurora’s sense of cultural heritage. 30
Gnome invasion Oh, you are strong. And you destroy little men with beards and pointy hats? Abuse! 30
Brightwall Book Club It is always nice to meet someone who knows that “bibliophile” is not a dirty one. 30
Diary of a sad man You have obtained all the pages of Faraday’s diary and have learned some history. 30
Lab Notes Crazy witches are not the only ones who dream of changing their nature. 30
A revolutionary idea One day you were a revolutionary, but to what extent was your revolution real? 30
My weapon is better than yours You have completely improved an already historical weapon. It couldn’t be more legendary. 25
And so it all begins You have taken the first steps to gather a rebel force to face your brother. twenty
Quick Justice Commander Swift and his men have joined your cause. You will not fail with that mustache on your side. twenty
Distant friends You have convinced the people of Aurora to join your cause. It is time for revolution! twenty
Archmage Magic has no secrets for you. And, if I did, you would use a spell to tell them to you. twenty
Shots of glory Very few have shed so much blood with a trigger. twenty
If he bleeds, we can kill him You are like an army. A massacre machine. A total extermination … You understand me. twenty
The magician’s revenge They called you ñoño and paella face. They made fun of your beard. So you killed them all. twenty
We need weapons. Many weapons. You have obtained all the legendary weapons, which makes you a legendary collector. twenty
Fashion victim You possess all the costumes worthy of a heroic Albion hanger. And a few who are unworthy. twenty
A boring day at the office What better way to cheer up a boring day than an attempt to end your life? twenty
Science and industry You have found the first escaped prisoner. Is Albion now a safer place? twenty
Unnatural laws You have found the second prisoner. Have you ever wondered what your nature is? twenty
Who you are? There is no third prisoner. Or maybe you are, sitting on that throne forever and ever. twenty
Royal fortress Now, the Ravenscar Fortress obeys your laws. twenty
I robot. You idiot You have helped Huxley build a friend. It was to be hoped that he would be more grateful. twenty
Gravedigger Treasure hunting is not always glamorous. The earth under your nails attests to this. fifteen
Popularity contest With your winning personality you have made a plethora of new friends. Exactly, a plethora. fifteen
The seal of the guild The guild seal reacted when you touched it. You are a heroic being! But you already knew that. 10
Save the princess! You have rescued a piece of cardboard and obtained valuable information about the development of a game. 10
Ghostly Brothers These fighting brothers do not rest or die, but at least they have returned to Mom without problems. 10
Tragic, comic, historical Your literary research has unearthed a unique work. What a shame it is a junk. 10
The Dark Sanctuary You have restored the Dark Sanctuary. Come back to see it in all its glory and reveal its secrets. 10
Island paradise Thanks to you, there is a new and prosperous community far from the tensions of the modern world. 10
The horse eats Cofry You have defeated an inanimate object at chess. Although, in truth, it is a very bad inanimate object. 10
Crowned chicken You have given a true sense of solemnity to your role as monarch. And feathers too. 10
Total Warrior You have killed using melee, ranged, and spell attacks. What do you like more? 10
Strip! You killed an enemy while it was in the air. At least he’s died in style. 10
Distance relationship You have married another player! Note: the union is not binding for the purposes of the royal laws. 10
Interdimensional conception We knew this day would come. Having children online is already a reality. 10
Online merger You are the epitome of the modern hero, who is not afraid to adopt new technologies. 10
The barrel of laughter You have annihilated 30 enemies using explosive barrels. What are they very well located for? 10
Otherworldly heroes You have earned an honest salary fighting for another hero. Although “honestly” is subjective. 10
Buuuuuum! You scored 2,000 in the mortar at Mourningwood Fort. Soldier Potrero is proud. 10
Lute’s Heroic Tour You have taken the gift of music to every corner of Albión. And you did it in style. 10
A heroic touch At least twenty people from Albion have been touched by a heroic hand. In a good way, we wait. 10
Remodeling Who said that interior decoration is incompatible with leading a revolution? No one. 10
Criminal excesses You have become Albion’s most wanted criminal. Hopefully you can pay the fine. 10
Henry VIII You are Henry VIII, I tell you. Well of course not, but you almost made it. 10
Difficult love You’ve had to make a lot of difficult and unpopular decisions, but they were the right ones. 10
Spell Framer You may have been the first heroic being in history to cast two spells. What was nice? 5
He is a woman. She a man Heroes have long since freed themselves from the limits of normal society. But what is normal? 5
Dirty hippie You look totally mind blowing, man. Can you already feel how the universe touches you? 5
Your hand in my hand You have led another person by the hand. What better way to relate? 5
Adopt or die Well done. Why bring more people into this world when there are poor and orphaned children? 5


The Guild Seal (10G): Unleash your heroic potential.

And so it all begins (20G): Get the support of the inhabitants.

Quick Justice (20G): Get the support of Swift’s brigade.

The Resistance (50G): Get the support of Bowerstone.

Distant Friends (20G): Get Aurora’s support.

Albion Ruler (80G): Become Albion’s ruler.

By Albion! (80G): This is where you * piii … * the great and powerful * piii … * and then * piii … *.

Save the princess! (10G): Rescue the princess from the evil baron.

Ghostly Brothers (10G): Make sure Max and Sam come home for tea time.

Tragic, comic, historical (10G): Help the famous actors Lambert and Pinch to carry out the greatest work in the world.

The Dark Sanctuary (10G): Rehabilitate an ancient temple of evil.

Island Paradise (10G): Found Driftwood Island.

Horse Eats Cofry (10G): Defeat Cofry at his own game.

Crowned Chicken (10G): Perform an actual trial dressed as a chicken.

Spellweaver (5G): Combine two gauntlets to cast a “woven” spell.

Archmage (20G): Use all 15 possible spell combinations.

Total Warrior (10G): Kill enemies with ranged, melee attacks and spells.

Strip! (10G): Throw an enemy up and kill him when he is in the air.

Shots of Glory (20G): Kill 500 enemies using firearms.

If it bleeds, we can kill it (20G): Kill 500 enemies using melee weapons.

Wizard’s Revenge (20G): Kill 500 enemies using magic.

Superhero (50G): Fully upgrade your ranged, melee, and magical abilities on the Road to Reign.

You Can’t Take Me (50G): Complete Fable III without being knocked down in combat.

My weapon is better than yours (25G): Complete 3 unique upgrades on one of the legendary weapons found in Albion.

All keys are mine (30G): Collect 50 silver keys and 4 gold keys.

Flower Power (30G): Collect the 30 auroline flowers.

Gnome Invasion (30G): Destroy all 50 gnomes.

Brightwall Book Club (30G): Obtain all 30 rare books for the Brightwall Academy.

Undertaker (15G): Dig up 50 objects.

We need weapons. Lots of Weapons (20G): Obtain all 50 Legendary Weapons. Not all of them will appear in your world, trade with other heroes!

Fashion Victim (20G): Obtain all clothing.

He is a woman. She, a man (5G): Wears a complete set of clothes designed for the opposite sex.

Hairy Hippie (5G): With long hair, dye each item of clothing you wear in a different color.

Your hand in my hand (5G): Shake hands with someone.

Distance Relationship (10G): Marry another Xbox LIVE player.

Interdimensional Conception (10G): Have a baby with another Xbox LIVE player.

Online Merger (10G): Form a partnership with another Xbox LIVE player.

The Barrel of Laughter (10G): Kill 30 enemies using explosive barrels.

Otherworldly Heroes (10G): Earn 1000 golds as a minion in the world of other Heroes.

Buuuuuum! (10G): Score 2,000 in the Mourningwood Mortar Game.

Lute Heroic Tour (10G): Play in each city like a lute master.

A Heroic Touch (10G): Use contact expressions to interact with 20 different people.

Popularity Contest (15G): Make 20 friends.

Remodeling (10G): Remodel 5 houses by changing the furniture.

Brick Tycoon (50G): Create an empire valued at 2 million gold coins.

Criminal Excesses (10G): Get them to put a reward of 15,000 gold coins on your head.

Henry VIII (10G): As monarch of Albion, marry 6 times and kill two of your spouses.

Chestmaster (40G): Unlock all chests on the Path to Reign.

Difficult Love (10G): Save as many Albion citizens as possible.

Adopt or die (5G): Adopt a child.